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Precision and quality without compromise


We are masters in the application of thermostatic powder coating. We observe the highest industry standards:

The sophisticated filtration system of our 8 by 8 by 12-foot painting room eliminates all risk of colour contamination, allowing for best results, each time.

Aware of the importance of ensuring a safe work environment for our staff, our painters all have a respirator with a carbon monoxide detector.

To accept varied jobs, our 12-foot oven can treat parts of any size.

Image painting

Closed room painting Closed room painting Metal painting

Finish - Installation of PEM items for clinching

These items are used for boring workpieces, by upsetting the material for drilling. They cold-flow by creeping, down a slope, onto the stem of the item to clinch. A device prevents rotation of the workpiece. In addition, the PEM® items to clinch cause no damage or swelling on the back of the part.

What are the benefits?

  • Optimal strength, even for fine materials (from 0.5 mm);
  • No required treatment of the drilling hole;
  • No cutting of the thread;
  • Recommended for textured surfaces;
  • High-precision positioning.

Selection of PEM fasteners

  • Threaded clinch bolts
  • Non-threaded clinch bolts
  • Self-clinching standoff
  • SMT adapted spacer sleeve
  • Clinch nuts
  • Round nuts
  • SMT adapted nuts
  • Brace
  • Fast-closing press screw

Finish - Sheet metal rolling

To form a complete cylinder or to achieve a rounded effect on metallic materials, this operation requires specific expertise that our skilled workers have perfectly mastered.